Monday, December 5, 2011

November 2011

Whew, it's been quite a month..., but on to the knitting.

A couple of finished projects from last month, my husband's sweater. Done.  But.  Just had him try it on, the sleeves are a bit long, so I have too fix that, so I guess it's not quite done after all.  That's the beauty of knitting sleeves from the top down, all I have to do is take the bind off out, rip back and reknit the cuffs at the right length. One of these nights soon, I promise....

And for me, knit with Cotton Classic, a summer sweater. I know, it's winter, but.... it is actually from a winter pattern and knit in a cool weather yarn, but I don't do alot of short sleeves in the winter and loved the sweater, so I knit it in cotton for the summer.  The buttons are actually in the back, cute!  (Though, you could wear them in the front too)

A couple of new scarf yarns, one in stock, one coming, so a couple if new scarves.

And a new coat (on sale at Coldwater Creek) so of course I needed a new scarf to go with it.  The multi-directional scarf from Ann Norling, knit with Silk Garden Sock, is what I chose.

And I have 3 projects on the needles, all fairly big projects, so they are going slow, especially since I am working on all three instead of finishing up one at a time.

First, I have had yarn set aside to knit an afghan for the newly painted family room, since it was newly painted... a couple of years ago.  hmmmmm... hope I get the afghan done before it needs painting again :).  Anyway, it's a pretty slip stitch pattern and I am making progress.  I love making an afghan in the winter, the bigger it get, the warmer you get.

Another sweater for my husband.  A boring one, DK weight, navy blue, raglan sleeves, knit in the round.  He needs a good basic sweater, but, not interesting knitting, which maybe why I keep working on the other things.

And the sweater I love, and want to finish because I want to wear it, but.... it is an A-line tunic knit with fingering yarn.  Yes, you heard right... and maybe a little crazy, but....  I am 7 inches into it and I start decreasing, so it will start to go faster, right??
(I am not sure why these pictures won't go where they belong, but I am sure you can figure out which one is which.)  

Well that's it for me, other than a few customer finishing jobs.  Hopefully December will bring the end to my 3 projects and the beginning of a few more.  I wish for all of you the happiest of holidays filled with joy, wonder and finishing knitting projects.  Until next month... Happy knitting and holidays, Nancy

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