Friday, July 2, 2010

June 2010

June must have been a busy month, my memory is a blur.  Ahh, yes, my son is back from college and my daughter is off coaching a swim camp, but needs to move to Rochester while she is away and I think I knitted somewhere in there, no wonder it's a blur.  Well on to the knitting...

I did finish the reknitted Tulip sweater as promised.  And I love it.  Tulips and Purple, some of my favorite things.  No wonder I was willing to reknit it.  It is hard to see here but the bottom panel is tulips with a lettuce edging.  Done and worn!

I also finished the Little Girls Jumper that I had started last month.  It is soooo cute.  It is kit with Noro's Kureyon Sock Yarn.  It can be knit with any fingering weight sock yarn.  You can see this jumper on display at the shop.

I also wanted to make a sample up using Plymouth's new Merino Superwash.  It is a wonderful worsted weight Merino that can me machine washed and dried.  So, using a Plymouth pattern for the yarn I knit this sweater featuring a pretty fair Isle pattern. The pattern shows a turtleneck, so I knit it with a plain crew neck to show how easy it is to change something like that about a pattern,

Now, this is where I got myself into a little bit of trouble  It is the season for new yarns to be arriving and for me to be knitting samples, but... new magazines came out and I saw some things I liked, well, liked but wanted to change.  So, there are a couple of things in the new Vogue Knitting that caught my eye, but I haven't started anything yet, so we'll talk about that later when I do.  But there was something in Knitter's that inspired me and that has been started.  I say inspired me because, it is a cardigan and mine is a pullover and I have altered the stitch pattern slightly to accommodate the beads that I added.  So it is just like the pattern in Knitter's, but different (haha).  I am not quite up to the armholes.  I am knitting it with Blue Heron's Rayon Metallic and adding beads.  It is beautiful and I hope to get it done this month. 

But I got waylayed by another sample.  This is an adorable A line Smocked Sweater knit with Plymouth's Happy Feet DK.  We are doing in class for this sweater in July and August so I wanted to get the sample done right away.  That is why the newsletter is a little late, I thought I could finish faster than I did.  So, last night it was finished and photographed this morning.  In the class we will adjust the pattern a little.  We will knit some of it in the round, learn about smocking and knit the sleeves from the top down.  Classes will be a few weeks apart giving everyone lots of time to knit in between.

The lace stole is still in progress, but was mostly ignored this month,  And last night I cast on for another sample.  This one is with a new yarn from Plymouth, Mushisi.  It is a silk and wool blend in a huge skein with 491 yards.  I am going to knit the Kimono sweater that is in the shop and has been extremely popular.  It should be beautiful in this yarn. 

And that's it for June, I will keep knitting my way through July.  I hope you do too (and have as much fun as I do)  Have a wonderful summer and Happy Knitting!  Until next month, Nancy

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