Thursday, September 15, 2011

August (and a little September), 2011

First let me say, that my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the recent flood.  I was very fortunate here to miss it by one block, but can see the devastation around here and the surrounding areas. My prayers are with you.

On to the blog..
We have a lot to talk about...Sorry this is late, but as I said in my shop newsletter, it was raining one day in late August, then a crack of lightning and "snap", the lights went out and came back on, the computer did not... so, I am late.  And I've been busy... So here goes..

I finished some of the projects on my needles... Flicker, a beautiful Alpaca blend from Berroco with a touch of glitz.  This pattern is free from Berroco.  It turned out so pretty.

We have a yarn called Quillay from Araucania, a wool/acrylic blend, that's been calling to me from the shelves.  It's purple, you're surprised, I know.  And the yelling from from the shelves was saying "Wallaby", so that's what it is!  If you've never made a Wallaby for yourself, you should try it.  They are the most comfy sweater.

Also on my needles was the Entrelac Scarf for the Entrelac class.  It is knit with Noro's Retro, which has very pretty subtle shading.  When I was done that one I decided Plymouth's Mushisi would make a great scarf.  But since that yarn has 491 yards, I had more than I needed for a scarf, so I designed a hat to go with it.

Then, a yummy new yarn came in.  Tuhu, from Mirisol, Baby Llama, Merino and Angora. It is pretty and soft and I had to knit it.  The colors are fun, so I knit a hat and scarf set using 3 colors.

Another new yarn... (you'll see a trend here, this happens alot this time of year)  Riva from Debbie Bliss.  A Chunky, stripey fun yarn.  This cute shoulder cape only takes 4 or 5 balls.  I wasn't sure about the shoulder cape idea, but they are showing them everywhere and they are cute.  You can wear it over a coat or jacket instead of a scarf.  Very cute!

Debbie Bliss has another new yarn Paloma.  The yarn is a cabled Alpaca/Merino blend and even though it is chunky, knit on a 15, it is very light and airy. I let my daughter pick a sweater out of the book that she likes.  She keeps asking me when she gets her sweater, I told her in about 2 years, after I sell all the yarn (she isn't that happy about that, haha).

The hats are in the mail.  I told you earlier about the hats I promised to send to my daughter's boyfriend in Afghanistan, well they are on their way.  23 hats.  I had the help of some wonderful knitters (you know who you are and THANK YOU!!), so I only had to knit a few.  We are hoping they will help keep him and his platoon warm and safe this winter.

More new yarn, more knitting.  This yarn is called Grace from Louisa Harding.  It is beaded, so pretty.  It needed to be a scarf and so it is. And a beautiful one at that.

Another scarf.  This yarn is pretty fun.  It is called Autumn from KFI and it has beads and leaves attached.  One skein made this cute triangle scarf.  You can download the pattern free on Ravelry.

Well, you probably fell asleep by now but there are a few more things in the works.  I've got a Potato Chip scarf on the needles in a new yarn from Filatura Di Crossa, Gioiello.  A little sparkle.. It will be done tomorrow!

Another scarf, a Christmas gift, shhh... A man's scarf in double moss stitch and Cashsoft DK.  It's really going to be very nice. Hope he likes it...

And finally, you thought I'd never finish..  A soon to be jacket in Jackson a new yarn from Tahki.  I am playing with this, doing knitting in different directions in parts, we'll see how it works.  It's still a little early to tell, but I like the yarn.

So there are 3 things on the needles and a problem has come up.  We got another new yarn that I am dying to try.  It is a silk/merino blend in a fingering weight. It is amazing and I am itching to get to it....Patience....

So, until next month, November, probably.  Happy Knitting, Nancy

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