Friday, November 4, 2011

October (and the end of September) 2011

Whew, another busy month (just life in general).   So anyway, on to knitting...

Finished from last month, the potato chip scarf (you just can't knit enough of them...).  This one is knit with Filatura Di Crosa's Gioiello.  It is a soft Mohair with a strand of color and of bit of glitz. It's a fun little scarf.

Also left over from last month, another scarf.  This one is knit with Rowan's Cashsoft DK and is a Christmas gift for the young man in my daughter's life.  My one and only fishished Christmas gift.

And there was a Jacket started last month, finished!  Knit with Tahki's Jackson, the colors are great.  I love the sort of textured color effect it makes.  It's a quick jacket, since the yarn is chunky.

Then... a yarn I've been wanting to try.  You've heard me talk (on and on) about how much I love Ella Rae's Lace Merino (fingering weight).  Well now they have the same yarn in a worsted weight,  Of course, I had to try it.  I used a Plymouth pattern for this cute slouchy sweater with pockets.  I've worn it a couple of times and I love it.  The yarn and the sweater.

Another new yarn.  I have been admiring this yarn, it is wonderful!! Silk and wool, lace/fingering weight, almost 800 yards per ball.  Beautiful clear colors. What to do, what to do??  The pattern book came in and though I liked the patterns, I wanted something else.  Hmmm, argyle lace.  That sounds interesting, so I went to the drawing board (aka. the computer) and came up with a pattern.  And swatched.  I liked the pattern, not sure about the fabric.  A little flimsey for a sweater, perfect for a shawl, but not quite right for a sweater.  Hmmmm, again... Double it.  So I did and it knit at a DK weight and I LOVE it! And so, the birth of a sweater.  If you listen closely, the yarn will tell you what to do.

We needed a sample.  A fun Chunky yarn from Noro, Hitsuji.  Lets try vertical stripes.  So I knit this vest side to side and put the seams on the outside for fun.  Cute over a plain blouse. And very easy to knit.

And in my bag. A sweater for my husband (probably a Christmas gift)  Knit with Noro's Retro and Silk Garden.  It's almost done, if you look closely at the picture, you'll see the yarn hanging off the sleeve.  Finish the sleeve, weave in some ends, buttons and done!  He loves a Henley neck.

And  sweater for me.  Actually a summer sweater (I know, my timing is a little off), but I saw the pattern and really liked it (with a few minor adjustments, of course).  It has short sleeves and buttons down the back, at least it will, right now it's just a blob.  Cute.

And a few more ideas brewing and yarn in bags waiting...

Until next month... Happy Knitting, Nancy